Top farming machinery of 2016


Agricultural equipment has helped to make farming economical and more efficient. From the simple sickle to the powered tractor, farming machinery has always been needed. As the years have progressed, technology has improved the machinery to never before seen levels of efficiency, with each consecutive year getting better and better. 2016 has been no exception with some amazing advancements being made; Here's our summary of the top farming machinery of the year in 2016:

Great Plains Accushot

The Great Plains brand has been the leading manufacturer for creating new and exciting methods for fertiliser application. Farmers are always looking for ways to decrease the cost of fertilisation without reducing the yield of the crops. The Accushot is a newer form of seed application which is safer for the environment and reduces waste. This is done by releasing a premeasured dose of liquid fertiliser every time a seed is applied. This groundbreaking technology is a surefire way for farmers to experience environmental and agronomic benefits.

John Deere 6105M

The 6M is the new John Deere creation made with a large number of features that can boost any farmer's productivity. The PowerTech engine has a HPCR fuel injection system in order to create cleaner combustion. The pressure and flow system allows for many advantages including: reduced load on the engine, improved fuel efficiency and reduced hydraulic noise levels. This tractor has been made using a strong steel frame that has been a John Deere exclusive since 1992. The advantages made in 2016 with the 6M are: less downtime for operators, heavier loads can be accommodated, more reliable than previous models and has lower service costs than other tractors.

Slurryquip Umbilical System

Slurryquip has been selling products in New Zealand for over 20 years, known for its more unusual equipment. The hoses are sold as a choice between 4, 5 and 6 inches which give throughputs of 100cu m/hour to 270cu m/hour. The equipment made by the company are well known for being reliably made, low emission spreading and can be rented for a small fee. The Slurryquip company offers a strong range of new and innovative products available for the modern farmer. The products allow for better yields; the new umbilical system allows for farmers to safely and responsibly conduct business knowing the lower emission costs it produces.

Sukup Stirring Machine Gear Motor Delay

Introduced in 2016, the Sukup Stirring Machine made eyebrows raise with its system to help farmers and the benefits it will bring to growing. The new technology created in the Sukup, uses a micro controller when searching through grain to automatically sense when a down auger is hung up. The system allows the machine to wait an additional three minutes to allow the auger to work through what obstruction it has come across. The signal sent to the micro controller also sends a call or message to the farmer's mobile phone to let them know if the obstruction cannot be cleared within ten minutes. The huge benefit to this new system is that it can be fit to older grain stirring machines, making this one of the highlights of farming machinery for 2016.

Massey Ferguson 9000

This new series is a precision planter with an accurate level of seed placement. For the professional farmer in 2016, MF offers the latest technology and the strongest framed machines in order to get the best out of their crops. This particular series offers a range of models that can use liquid and dry fertiliser. The 9000 series is an economical all-round planter which will make farming easier and more productive in 2017.


2016 has been a fantastic year for making technological advancements in farming machinery. There are several distributors that sell various machinery that have been made available this year. The few items mentioned in this article are only a taste of the farming machinery new in 2016.